Moving Forward Without Him

My faith has been tested during the past two weeks and I’ve found it hard to blog. Someone I know was killed while running; he was hit by a car. He was just 32 years old and left behind a wife with two young children. He was at the same hospital as Steve was when he was hit while riding his motorcycle to work. Experiencing this from a friend’s perspective caused me to grieve for his wife in ways that only a widow can understand. When I saw her at his funeral, I was taken back to Steve’s funeral and the bewilderment I felt.When Steve died, I was hurting so badly but it was also surreal. My life had changed in an instant and I felt like I was living in a horrible nightmare. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion as if I was underwater.

Steve had hundreds of people at his funeral: fire chiefs, friends and family from all over the country, firefighters from every major department near us, so many people that I didn’t even know. I was honored to be his wife and I remember thinking that his funeral was the last chance for me to make him proud.

As I got ready for the hardest day of my life, I did my hair and I put on make up. I had already gone shopping and picked out the clothes that my children would wear to bury their father. I don’t remember if I dressed them or if someone else did. So much of those early days are still a blur to me. It hurt just to breathe so I’m sure that I wasn’t able to care for my children much during that first week and I am blessed that others stepped in to do what I was unable to do.

Of course, time has gone on and I have healed in ways that I could never have forseen. I have a very strong faith in God that has allowed me to move forward with my life. But, when this man I knew died, it all came back and I found myself asking the same questions all over again. “Why God?” “Why did my friend lose her soul mate at such a young age?” “Why are those children going to grow up without their loving father?”

I know from personal experience that there aren’t any answers to these questions that make sense to our human hearts. We are just meant to trust that God knows what He’s doing and has a plan for us. I’ve come to realize that part of His plan may be for me to help others who are grieving because I have been there. In the deepest part of my heart, I can understand their pain. Perhaps I can offer hope because if I can live more than seven years without Steve, then they can survive the loss of their loved one too.

Not only have I continued to live without Steve, but I have found happiness along the way. It’s taken me a long time but I am finally comfortable in my own skin. I will never be the same after losing him but I can see my old self returning and it feels really good to be whole again. My children are thriving which makes me believe that I have done exactly what Steve would have expected of me: to be the best mom I could be without him. I know that if I had died first, I have no doubt that Steve would have raised our children in exactly the same way by being the best father he could be to them. I can feel him smiling down on me as I continue moving forward in this life without him.

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  1. mommanaginglife
    Feb 07, 2012 @ 15:19:19

    Wow. . . this is like reading my life story. I loss my husband on Aug 6 in a motorcycle accident. We have 3 children. Your story gives me hope because I can’t imagine life being happy or joyful without him. I move as far forward as I have to because of the kids. I just began blogging as an outlet and a way to feel like I have someone to talk to late nights.

    Thank you for this.



  2. MaryAnn Can Do!
    Feb 09, 2012 @ 09:32:09

    I had a feeling this would bring up a lot of feelings. God bless you for being there for your friends. You ARE strong!



  3. Charlotte Huygen Mason
    Apr 19, 2012 @ 18:55:12

    I stumbled on your site while looking trying to find out about scholarships for children of deceased firefighters. I myself am a firefighters widow….not in the line of duty however….my husband was retired for 2 years but he was only 52. Being a fireman had taken its toll on him plus he worked the Oklahoma City Bombing. Its been 2 1/2 years for me now since he passed unexpectedly and I can remember his last words to me the night before. It does get better. His strength passed on to me since I knew I had no choice to wallow in grief since I had to be strong for our daughter. Now only had she lost her dad, but also her older stepbrother 3 years prior. How we choose to see life is a choice….not easy at times….but it does get better. I appreciated reading your words, so much it brought back memories for me. I just wanted to say hello.



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